Questions & AnswersWe provide subscriber support regarding the mechanics of using the CalculateBeta™ web site (, the performance of the web site, and the nature of numbers calculated and presented on CalculateBeta. 

Other questions generally fall outside the support provided with your subscription. Support does not include, for example, cost of capital consulting services, financial research, or other consulting services.  Users interested in such services are welcome to file a ticket in the Suggestions & Feature Requests area of our Support system, and we'll seek either to help or to refer you to someone who can.  Fees for such services are not included in the cost of your CalculateBeta subscription. 

Before filing a support ticket you may want to search the articles and other support tickets posted on CalculateBeta.  Many common questions are addressed in the Frequent Questions articles, linked to the right.

Except for pre-subscription questions, we provide site support only for subscribers.

We welcome your suggestions and feature requests.  If you have one, please file a ticket in the Suggestions & Feature Requests area of our Support system.

Valuation Engines, LLC is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  You can most easily contact us through the support ticket system, or else write us at:


Valuation Engines, LLC, 3348 Peachtree Road, Suite 700, Atlanta, Georgia 30326.


Please note that there is currently no inbound support by telephone, but we will call if a call is needed to assist you within the bounds of this support policy.